Sunday, November 21, 2010

About Jessica


Jessica Bernardo is originally from upstate New York, but has spent months in Martha's Vineyard and Nashville in order to equip herself musically, and learn about the music industry.  Jessica is a Communication Arts major, and Piano minor.  She studied for a semester at The Contemporary Music Center in Martha's Vineyard, and recently spent four months in Nashville learning the ways of songwriters, musicians, and music executives.  Each of these experiences has fueled her passion to pursue music, whether as a musician or in the area of communications. 


Jessica's Artist Statement: 

One of my greatest passions is the concept of Christians permeating the core of culture in order to effectively transform it. I created this E.P. on this basis through goals to maintain excellence, cultural relavancy, and a Christ-centered perspective without conforming to the genre of "Christian Music." My faith is reflected in the lyrics, though not explicitly stated. My goal as an artist is to impact culture, even on the smallest scales.